art direction & design
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Smartwool Ad Campaign

Project Details —
Class: Ad Design
Date: Fall 2018
Awards: Graphis New Talent Annual 2019 [Silver Award]

smartwool merino wool socks

Using a play on the idiom "cold feet", this ad shows an image that depicts confidence, depicting the opposite of how we feel when we experience "cold feet". By featuring the Smartwool socks in a cool, outdoor environment, the socks are shown physically keeping the male and female's toes warm, while adding a story to the brand and product. The ad captures just a small portion of the scene at hand, yet conveys this nostalgic, emotional connection of spontaneity in love and life. This connection aids viewers in connecting the Smartwool brand with more than just a warm, trustworthy sock, but a garment that is paramount when it comes to moments when we need a boost of self-assurance.