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Personal Mantra

Project Details —
Class: Visiting Designers, with Angela Mondragon George
Date: Spring 2019

Personal Mantra

For this course, we are visited by designers (hence the name “Visiting Designers”) every few weeks and assigned different projects by them.  The first designer to join us this semester was Angela Mondragon George, a Creative Director and owner at "By George"/Dallas. Our assignment was to create a poster of our personal mantra for 2019 or a visual representation of something we live by. 

I chose my favorite excerpt from one of my beloved books, Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  This book is surprisingly inspirational, relatable and full of words to live by for someone navigating their 20s.  At one point, she writes:

“Change is the only constant. Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general well-being.”

I used this excerpt as my personal mantra, writing “Change” in diverse, expressive typography to represent the meaning behind the word, with it’s constant motion and the unexpected new-ness it always seems to bring.  The letters, although starkly different and in contrast of one another, somehow fit together to create a seamless word.  Underneath it, I added “is the only constant” as a more secondary, subtle piece of the design, adding it in a light-hearted script typeface. The overall effect is a personal mantra that is representative of my quirky, optimistic self.

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