art direction & design
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Project Details —
Class: Package Design
Date: Fall 2018
Awards: Kick A** Take Names 2019 [Juried Show by Angela Mondragon George, Honorable Mention]

BabyBite Taste Sampler

BabyBite is a baby food brand that offers a Taste Sampler subscription box to allow parents a chance to purchase an array of Baby Bite’s flavors to see which food the baby enjoys.  Because exposing babies’ diets to new textures and tastes is important, BabyBite brings an easy tasting experience with nothing but the good stuff— locally sourced ingredients, free of preservatives.  The brand and packaging utilizes a flat illustration style and characterization of the different fruits and vegetables used in the recipes to create a quirky, fun, whimsical design that feels young and inviting, while still appearing contemporary and trustworthy with the use of minimalistic icons and a clean sans serif typeface throughout.  The packaging also utilizes the fruit and vegetable characters to aid in educational purposes, including short nutrition facts on the inside of the lid to remind parents of the different health benefits for each jar, and how they will help the baby.

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